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About Us

My Story


I started framing shortly after turning 16 at a craft store in Illinois called Jeffery Alans. I have been framing for 28 years, and I have learned much in the shops where I have worked. I have worked at high-end art galleries, commercial frame shops, and local frame shops. The best part of working at all these different places is that I have learned how each one handles its clients and their art. I offer the knowledge of high-end galleries, the competitive pricing of commercial shops, and the practicality of a local shop. Just because picture framing is expensive doesn’t mean it has to be outrageous. I take less profit and provide a better product than others, so I know that you will always be happier at my place. 

Framing is an art that combines aesthetics, preservation and conservation. I take it as my responsibility to design specifically for you. Every space is unique and requires a design to fit the placement of the art or piece. I can work with many different elements to bridge the gaps between rooms and personalities. Though a majority of the work done in most frame shops is reproduction art, like posters and photography, as a conscientious framer, I am well-versed in all media that can be framed. From pastels to needlepoint, rifles to locks of hair, works done on animal skin to illuminated Bible pages, children’s masterpieces to army medals, I have done it all. 

About Garrett's Framing Studio


28 years of custom picture framing experience

Do you have a special item you've always wanted to showcase and protect? Canvas, needleworks, 3D objects, photography, posters, pet or sport memorabilia.  Any shape and almost any size. We can help! 


A variey of picture frame mouldings available

Including wood, metal, closed corner, heirloom, oval, float, shadowbox, clip, and custom shapes.


Passionate about preservation

We use the most current conservation methods to protect your most precious memories, from baby blankets to pet collars.